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Yeah that is true, but Delta are quite a basic and limited company. Most of their releases are either for Children or single and I couldn't see them doing a 21 series boxset, we would need the BBC or a much better company for that. I am thankful for Delta for releasing Series 1 so far and Series 2 later this year as they are the very rare and series we would never see again, but if the likeliehood is that they stop releasing after a few more series, then someone should try at least persuading the BBC to do a complete boxset, once the series is completely finished and this will be overjoy fans, but that would be the BBC being very generous, which they haven't been with ChuckleVision in the past.
Ive not bought either and probably dont plan to until they get it sorted or the BBC does something.

After getting shafted out by the Bread ones that got released only doing the first 3 series even though the set claimed it was 4 series when it wasent I dont plan to buy another single release again.
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