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THe mere fact that people attack those for openly speculating on someone's private life yet ONLY when it refers to homosexuality is a clear indication of a taboo.

Sorry to labour the point but one of the very first posts in the thread speculated he was heterosexual and was ignored. You can't say that homosexuality isn't a taboo when the only reaction is caused by those who suggest he might be gay.

In fact, I didn't even suggest he might be gay, I said I'd be surprised if he wasn't. Someone else stated their belief that his sexuality is 'confirmed'. But because the indication was that he was straight - nobody paid any attention.

A post made suggesting someone would be surprised if he wasn't gay (by comparison if milder insinuation) is pulled apart by people denying that the subject is 'taboo'.
To be fair, you were the one who started 'pulling apart' posts when someone dared to say they didn't care about his sexuality, only his diving skills. You then asked what is so interesting about his diving skills, deliberately trying to de-rail the conversation back onto his supposed homosexuality so that you can make yet another issue out of it and try and find homophobia where it doesn't exist.
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