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I've considered this but rejected it. At least for here. There isn't a poster here who hasn't divulged into speculation into someone's personal affairs in some guise. Yet it's routinely only homosexuality that gets the 'It shouldn't be mentioned' replies.
Once again, people don't care if you speculate about someone being gay.
As far as I can see it, you are getting some flack in this thread because you are the one making an issue out of it. You seem to be shocked that most people couldn't give a monkeys whether this bloke is gay, straight, bi or whatever. I had no idea who he is but I gather that he is a professional diver. Some people have said they are only interested in his diving skills - what's up with that?
Not caring about someone's sexual orientation is not being homophobic.

Im not saying homophobia doesnt exit but seriously, stop trying to find homophobia in everything - I've seen you do this in other threads in the past too. If you go through your life like that then I'm afraid you're going to be very unhappy.
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