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I sometimes wonder what people's names are. Some people 'look like' a Daryl or a Keith. I sometimes wonder what accent the person I'm talking to has. Yorkshire/Lancashire can be quite difficult to tell, for me anyway. I sometimes wonder if my friend's baby will be a boy or a girl. I wonder if my other friend will ever meet someone. I also wonder what his type is because I occasionally try to play 'match-maker' with him, sometimes to disastrous consequences. If I invite someone to dinner I first try to speculate as to what they might wish to eat and if I am able to accommodate that. I often see two people walking together looking borderline affectionate and wonder if they're a couple or just good friends.

.....don't we all?

But homosexuality? Oh my GOD how dare I even begin to think it's any of my business. We should all just ignore it, never speak of it and confound us if we dare to speculate. Good god, that would never do!
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