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I agree having a role model is a good thing, but you stated you hoped he was gay as you want to have sex with him and would be disappointed if not. Either way it doesn't matter as you will never have sex with him. You are confusing 'role model' and 'fantasy'.
On the particular issue of role-models, I often find it odd what people laud as a role-model. Tom Daley IS a role model, because he shows what putting in a lot of effort and time can achieve, and it is important for young people to emulate that. His sexuality, on the other hand, would not, in my opinion, have a bearing on his status as a role-model, because sexuality is an innate part of one's being; it is not an achievement. If he were gay and that somehow affect his ability to dive, then maybe. Or if he had helped advance rights for gay people, then maybe. But sexual preference alone doth not a role-model make.
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