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sadly there are a load of 'celebs' with comedy breasts who gain a following from young boys

Stick Spice, Dannii Minogue, Nick Scherneggsinger, Katie Price and this one spring to mind
I agree it's very sad - even more so because young girls also follow these 'celebs' and want to look like them but then I'll never understand the admiration for the fake look!

There are plenty of celebs that are adored for their looks but aren't attractive imo, but Georgia's always been a looker. When she was younger she looked like a completely different person. A lot of celebs get surgery so I don't think the lovely Georgia would lie.
Why does she keep insisting that her breasts are all real then? I've never heard of anyone suddenly gaining a much larger chest in their 20s unless they've had some sort of cosmetic surgery! You've admitted she looked different in the past - she had a smaller chest and different facial shape/features in the DM pics from a few years ago. I think she was attractive then in her more natural days - but now she looks like anyone else whose had too much cosmetic surgery! It's not a good look IMO - but it's obviously given her the tabloid fame she wanted!
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