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Why does she keep insisting that her breasts are all real then? I've never heard of anyone suddenly gaining a much larger chest in their 20s unless they've had some sort of cosmetic surgery! You've admitted she looked different in the past - she had a smaller chest and different facial shape/features in the DM pics from a few years ago. I think she was attractive then in her more natural days - but now she looks like anyone else whose had too much cosmetic surgery! It's not a good look IMO - but it's obviously given her the tabloid fame she wanted!
But why would Georgia be embarassed about getting her chest done? Maybe she's done other things to make them bigger without surgery. I don't think she'd tell everyone in big brother they were real if they're not. All the women in the CBB house felt them and thought she was telling her truth.

Georgia's always been cute and I think she's had surgery on her face. In one DM pic she looks like Mel B's younger sister. Either way she looks amazing. She's a glamour model so people wouldn't be shocked. Georgia likes a bit of attention but I don't think her chest is something she's lying about.
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