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Maybe as she got older they got bigger? Genetics? A better bra? who knows. It's just I don't think she'd make it up just for the press. Either way she's still a very attractive woman and even if she lied, I don't think it would put any sane man off her, she's very pretty and exotic.
Well since her chest got bigger in her 20s - she'd be the first woman I know that developed a massive chest at that age - it normally happens around puberty

She'd have been 'pretty' and 'exotic' if she'd kept her natural looks..........I'm repeating myself here but as it is now she looks like any other generic 'glamour model' or tabloid zeleb ........there's nothing unique or pretty about it IMO - I don't think that look appeals to all men either.....I know plenty who find the fake look very off putting
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