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Some people have a late puberty. Georgia's lost more weight [though she didn't need to] and weight loss could make the look bigger. Using bra for photoshoots might push them up and make them look fake.

Some women try to copy her look with fake tan and hair etc, but Georgia's got natural olive skin and huge pretty eyes. Foreign models might look like her but glamour models in the uk don't look as great a her. Georgia could wear a binbag and look great. Georgia's hot enough to get a lot of fans.
Late puberty can happen in late teens but I've never heard of it happening when someone is well into their 20s!

In the DM article it said her boob size with her old modelling agency was stated as 32 C in 2008. Her bust size is now stated as 32 DD - as I said earlier I've never heard of anyone increasing that dramatically unless they've had some procedure done. Also if you lose weight - that is naturally bust size tends to decrease not increase!

To me she looks like a taller skinnier version of that other publicity seeker Kim Kardashian who maybe American but is always in the British tabloids! Either way I don't think there's anything attractive about her.
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