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Late puberty can happen in late teens but I've never heard of it happening when someone is well into their 20s!

In the DM article it said her boob size with her old modelling agency was stated as 32 C in 2008. Her bust size is now stated as 32 DD - as I said earlier I've never heard of anyone increasing that dramatically unless they've had some procedure done. Also if you lose weight - that is naturally bust size tends to decrease not increase!

To me she looks like a taller skinnier version of that other publicity seeker Kim Kardashian who maybe American but is always in the British tabloids! Either way I don't think there's anything attractive about her.
Isn't a 32C quite big anyway....Georgia's quite a small girl that's always had a big chest. I thought they got bigger because she got skinner, but you've set me straight on that one. I don't really know whose better looking between Kim and Georgia.

Kim's got a smaller nose and eyes, but she's very curvy and more "sex kittenish" Georgia's very cute and although she's done raunchy shoots, Georgia's still seems very girl next door. Georgia seems more approachable than Kim, but based on looks it's very hard to say who looks better.
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