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Isn't a 32C quite big anyway....Georgia's quite a small girl that's always had a big chest. I thought they got bigger because she got skinner, but you've set me straight on that one. I don't really know whose better looking between Kim and Georgia.

Kim's got a smaller nose and eyes, but she's very curvy and more "sex kittenish" Georgia's very cute and although she's done raunchy shoots, Georgia's still seems very girl next door. Georgia seems more approachable than Kim, but based on looks it's very hard to say who looks better.
Her previous bust size looks proportionate to her frame whereas her current size looks disproportionate as someone described earlier like 'comedy breasts'! In the old pic of her with curly hair and smaller breasts I would have described her as pretty with a 'girl next door look' but not now.......she looks like someone whose spent a small fortune on her appearance now!

I'm not really a fan of CBB but I did watch some of the last series and one of the reasons I found her very dull and vacuous was her obsession with her appearance....she didn't really have much to say apart from talking about her looks.....oh apart from boasting that she 'shagged Callum Best'.........something to be really proud off and I wasn't surprised she got voted out early.......perhaps her next move if she wants to hit the big time in tabloid notoriety will be to release a sex worked for Kardashian, Hilton and Price
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