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Her previous size also shows that she always a girl who "matured" early. Georgia was cute before but I Think she looks so much better now, bodywise more toned and her face hasn't changed that much. I watched a bit of Georgia on CBB and I didn't hear her say things about Callum best, but at least she's being honest.

Callum is the reason she was in there and he's never been much of a "celeb" thanks to her looks Georgia's more famous than he is now. She was nominated a lot but she got saved because the others were so self obssesed and the public disliked them more. Georgia did fuss over her looks, but she didn't come across as full of herself, another reason to like her.
As I recall she was the third one to be voted off - the only reason she wasn't voted off earlier was because in the first round the dancer Andrew if I recall his name correctly who was reeeeallllllly annoying and up for nomination too - that was the only round she was saved by the public - she didn't get put up for eviction the second time because she got to choose the HMs that were up for eviction in the second round but when she was nominated for eviction in the third round she was as obnoxious as some of the characters were in the house the public obviously found them more interesting than her.

I think boasting about shagging a minor zelebrity shows a lot of tackiness and indiscretion on her part and it's not much of a claim to fame tbh - neither is appearing in lads mags!

We'll have to agree to disagree about her looks - to me she looked much different and better before the changes to her appearance!
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