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UK premiere is confirmed for a December 14th release.
As a follow-up to our post yesterday, we can confirm that the US and UK release date for 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' remains December 14th 2012. There were a lot of websites reporting the UK release date was going to be December 26th, which then resulted in even other websites misconstruing the story suggesting the US release date was also being pushed. None of it is true, and our official sources confirm the date remains December 14th 2012. If that changes, TORn will be right here to alert you! (Join our social media outlets to get even faster alerts: / Facebook) We hope to also have a complete list of international release dates for you in the coming days. Happy Monday!
TORn have very good sources especially considering their close ties to the production team and even Peter himself. So, I think we can be confident that this is true.
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