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But Georgia's never said she was a singer. She's a glamour model the lads mags stuff is what she does for a living. It's like any other job. She seeks attention but so does every celeb, their all famewhores with big egos. I think she's classier than that TOWIE lot and the Geordie shore lot. Georgia's not going to fight in clubs and get arrested that's for sure.
Sorry it's not like any other 'job' - though I've no doubt she makes plenty of money from it and is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame! In a worthwhile job you'd have a degree of self respect and dignity! And comparing her to zelebs that behave the worst isn't really saying much for her - let me get this straight you think she's 'classy' just because she avoids getting into fights and arrested that's not really a high benchmark for 'classiness'!.........She's no different from these zelebs because she has no talent! In an nutshell there's nothing special about her imo.
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