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I'm not really a fan of Rihanna and Lady Gaga and some of their overtly sexual performances I find distasteful so I would say they lack self respect in that but at least they have talent - Lady Gaga in particular I would say is very talented - she can sing, write and is a musician. Just being in the media like Georgia for looking high maintenance and stripping off doesn't require any talent.......fair enough she's making the most of what she's got because her looks aren't going to last forever.. but I'd take a guess that Gaga will still be around in the media 20 years from now for her talent and Georgia and her ilk in a few years will be replaced by the next generation of overhyped 'glamour girls' and 'reality tv' contestants!

The FHM list is a load of tosh - it's about about who garners more media attention not whose the most attractive - the fact that Tulisa won it and in the past Cheryl Cole has won it should tell you's about PR more than anything else........she came fifth in that so I gather she's not getting as much attention as some or regarded as that 'special' .........and CBB is a 'classier' way to get 'noticed' me a's a showcase for every desperate zeleb wanabe, nutter and hasbeen under the sun!
I agree about Lady Gaga I don't mind her and she's got talent, Rihanna.....groan....I don't think much of her but she dresses worse than Georgia. Georgia obviously takes care of herself works out, modelling is a respected job.

FHM is a joke it's based on OK women in the public eye who are famewhores. I could type ten pages on why Tweedy is the worst winner ever. Her PR obviously paid for her places. At least Tulisa was number one last year. Georgia has gained a career from CBB and she's become very media savvy.

At least she's not living off a rich bloke or is a mistress, she's making her own money with an honest living. Lots of girls are fame hungry, Georgia's working for her fame.
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