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I agree about Lady Gaga I don't mind her and she's got talent, Rihanna.....groan....I don't think much of her but she dresses worse than Georgia. Georgia obviously takes care of herself works out, modelling is a respected job.

FHM is a joke it's based on OK women in the public eye who are famewhores. I could type ten pages on why Tweedy is the worst winner ever. Her PR obviously paid for her places. At least Tulisa was number one last year. Georgia has gained a career from CBB and she's become very media savvy.

At least she's not living off a rich bloke or is a mistress, she's making her own money with an honest living. Lots of girls are fame hungry, Georgia's working for her fame.

She's shagging a married man who happens to be a millionaire - you talk some crap mate
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