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I thought when watching the Joobley concert some weeks ago now that Cliff now shows his age. Either hair dye or a wig. Paul McCartney deffo a wig. Both have faces that are cracking and crumpling in, time to stop touring now guys.

As for Elton, his hair has ALWAYS been a joke. His voice is now markedly different and not very good now from his hey day. I wouldn't pay a penny to go to one of his concerts now, a tribute band would be a better investment to go and see.

Tom Jones has embraced his age and his hair colour and is the best looking now of them all, for his age.

As for me, I now have a large bald spot on the top of my head, but at least I can't see it when I look in the mirror. And my brother who is five years younger than me is now bald so I guess I'm not doing too badly.

Why shouldn't men try and hide their baldness? Women have been making themselves look attractive all of their lives since they were teens with makeup and hair dye and fake lashes etc. It really is a shock to see your girlfriend for the first time without all of her make up on, that's the test of a relationship, lol! At least with a bloke the girl knows what she's getting right from the start!
I really don't think Paul McCartney wears a wig, not that's really relevant to anything. He's got a great big bald patch at the back, can't understand why you would have a wig and have a bald patch?
Also you say his face cracking, it's called ageing. He's 70.
He has produced some of his best music since 1997, since his late 50's. It would be really sad if he stopped creating music and songwriting, because folks are uncomfortable in this country with the ageing process. He gets an awful lot of what I would call bullying now with regards to his looks.
We have become somewhat of a bully culture hiding behind our laptop anonymity.
If he chooses to die his hair green, I don't care as long as the songwriting talent is still there.
As for his voice, I've seen him in concert several times and have been very impressed. 3 hr concerts without a break.
Not every concert is going to be perfect now, but he still puts on an amazing show, with a lot of energy and stamina.
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