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Gaga will never again have the cultural impact of her debut. A volcano can only erupt for so long. She needs to either get away from dance music or make pretty much the best dance album ever.
Completely agree. Also everyone is doing dance and dub step right now. Gaga should have given that sound a wide birth.

What she should have done is release an album where it was just her and a piano. She needs to do that sooner rather than later or else no one will care about her by the time that album does come.

I think the problem with Lady Gaga now is that all of these crazy stunts can only go so far before you get bored. Last night there was a programme on the TV and a 15 year old girl said that everyone loved Lady Gaga in the days of Pokerface but now they think she is a freak. This is what happens when you decide to become a man to promote your latest single.
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