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I have no time for Susan Boyle anymore. And this is from a fan who continuously voted for her to win BGT and was devastated when she didn't - I have bought every album she released also.

But they shouldn't have took her further if she isn't mentally or physically stable to handle it. I've bought ticket's twice to see her live - both time's she did not turn up.
Oh dear. This is exactly what I feared. Susan so obviously had learning difficulties & couldn't cope even having to do live shows on BGT. What did anyone expect that she was suddenly going to be this marvellous live performer? She was exploited by record label who stage managed her tv performances over the next couple of years by pre-recording them. Even I've heard said doing a bit of digital tinkering!! Fact is that first performance on BGT was auto-tuned which explains why when it got to the live rounds she was out of tune.

The folks to blame in this are Simon Cowell & the record company who have used her to make mega bucks. Susan is who she is - a middle aged lady with learning difficulties with an OK voice. Don't hate on Susan hate on the real villans in this.
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