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I despair at this thread! The usual Cowell is the root of all evil and the devil incarnate!

Has anyone here watched her documentaries (at least 2) or read her autobiography? They paint a very different story. Yes Susan has learning difficulties but nothing on the scale that posters are implying here. She was starved of oxygen at birth but not majorly disabled. If anything I blame her parents for wrongly over protecting her in the big bad world and not giving her social tools to cope. She was the youngest child and reading between the lines her mother wanted to keep her at home as the baby for ever and that is never a healthy or good thing.

Susan spent years trying to get somewhere with her music so I am sure everything she ever wanted to do was to sing and get paid for it. She also has people she trusts surrounding her .

I am sure due to her background she struggles with the frustrations and pressures of life but no doubt having a fat financial cushion will help her when she needs treatment. She also has her dovout catholic faith which helps her too.

Yes, her career isn't shining bright like a few years ago but that is fairly normal after starting from such a great height which makes it impossible to be sustained. I don't think we have seen the last of her by a country mile.
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