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Well then you didn't see her in NYC in 2009, or in Japan in 2009, or NYC in 2010, or in Newcastle in 2012 . She doesn't sing the song like Madonna sings it, she intentionally sings it at a slower pace. On AGT she transformed You Have to Be There from a song of desolation to into a song of power. Sorry, I've never seen a performance which would give your comment any credence.
If a song is intentionally arranged to be performed at a different tempo, that's fine. However, that's not what I mean. Susan ignores the arrangement and sings at her own speed.

Performance of I Dreamed A Dream in BGT:-

Duet (I Know Him So Well) with Elaine Paige:-

Performance of You'll See on BGT 2012:-

Performance of Mull Of Kintyre at Royal Pagent 2012:-

I could understand when she was competing on BGT, because she would have been nervous. However, three years on and she's still doing the same thing. She has a lovely tone to her voice, but struggles with something (tempo and rhythm) that should come naturally to a singer, or at least be something a singer can easily deal with. Especially in a song like Mull of Kintyre, which has a basic 'waltz' tempo (3 beats) throughout.

The other thing is that Susan doesn't seem to put emotion into her performances. Mull Of Kintyre is a song about how much the singer loves the place, misses it and wants to go back. Susan might as well have been singing the list of people in the pagent for all the emotion she put into it and showed on her face. Singing is about much more than singing the right notes in tune and in the right order.
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