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Alcoholism is a terrible disease, unless you experience it yourself either through being an alcoholic yourself or seeing a love one who is addicted to drink then it is impossible to know the impact the disease can have on an individual and there families. The next drink for an alcoholic is as important as the next breath for a 'normal' person. Yes a person can stop drinking if they really want to and they are really determined but the odds are against it long term. 80% of people who stop drinking, will of restarted Drinking within a year.

Alcoholism has no boundaries, as a Doctor or a lawyer can as easily become an Alcoholic as someone who is out of work and living on the streets. A common misconception is that an Alcoholic is a tramp who Drinks Vodka and Cider on a street corner at 9 o Clock in the morning, when the reality is more and more middle class people who go through 2 to 3 bottles of wine a night, have a big alcohol problem.

Also a major problem for an alcoholic who is trying to stop, is that if they are Drinking high levels of Alcohol daily then they can't stop just like that, as the person could end up having seizures or even in some cases die. It is not as easy as people say, they can't just stop. A person can only have a chance of stopping drinking if they want to, no doctor, family members, work colleagues or friends can stop an alcoholic drinking if they want to continue, just like Sir Alex Ferguson could not of stopped Gazza drinking, if he had joined Man. Utd instead of Spurs all them years ago, as alcoholics are fantastic liars when it comes to drinking.

Gazza is in the fight of his life and i think it will be one that he ultimately looses as he is not ready to stop drinking and i think he is beyond help, although i hope he proves me wrong. I hope Gazza can beat his demons but sadly i'd be surprised if he does as Alcoholism is a life long illness for an alcoholic.
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