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The OP's post sounds like a load of rubbish. Surely if Susan had been hospitalized and/or was in seriously poor health, it would have been leaked to the press by now?
Susan wouldn't necessarily have been admitted to hospital, she may have been taken there for treatment & released. According to the admin of one fan forum, she was at home last night watching television. She has been a frequent visitor to St. John's A&E, even before BGT.

"she's famous in her home town for kicking off and then phoning an ambulance for herself"

- just one of many such comments over the years.

I wouldn't bother feeling too sorry for her, since it doesn't seem to bother her much. She bounces back, and goes on her merry way - "up and down like a yo-yo", as she herself described it. It's the people around her during these episodes that I feel sorry for, subjected to her verbal, and sometimes violently physical, abuse.

I wish the OP would post an update
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