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sadly there are a load of 'celebs' with comedy breasts who gain a following from young boys

Stick Spice, Dannii Minogue, Nick Scherneggsinger, Katie Price and this one spring to mind
What a fanciful post. Young boys? I bet you wish it was only young boys who gave heir attention to pretty and curvaceous women.

Late puberty can happen in late teens but I've never heard of it happening when someone is well into their 20s!
Nothing to do with puberty!

In the DM article it said her boob size with her old modelling agency was stated as 32 C in 2008. Her bust size is now stated as 32 DD - as I said earlier I've never heard of anyone increasing that dramatically unless they've had some procedure done. Also if you lose weight - that is naturally bust size tends to decrease not increase!
A C cup to a DD cup is hardly that dramatic.

Either way I don't think there's anything attractive about her.
I don't agree she's 'gorgeous' either by way - far from it. A few posters seem intent on promoting her on this thread for some reason I can't see what so special about her
I guess it's unlikely that you are a heterosexual male.

Her previous bust size looks proportionate to her frame whereas her current size looks disproportionate as someone described earlier like 'comedy breasts'! In the old pic of her with curly hair and smaller breasts ...
" Comedy breasts" is a fairly pathetic term, when you consider that women (naturally) have all shapes and sizes of breasts. It reeks of nothing more than bitchiness towards the likes of Georgia Salpa, from those whose resent ladies getting male attention due to their being very attractive and shapely.

Why does she keep insisting that her breasts are all real then?
Perhaps they are ...

I've never heard of anyone suddenly gaining a much larger chest in their 20s unless they've had some sort of cosmetic surgery!
Really? You may want to believe that surgery is the only way this happens but it's not the case.

You've admitted she looked different in the past - she had a smaller chest and different facial shape/features in the DM pics from a few years ago.
Her chest doesn't look especially small/smaller in those Daily Mail photos. In the b&w shot her arms are above her head, flattening out what looks like an ample chest. She is busty in the other old pic too. The power of the Daily Mail is in making people like yourself believe whatever they choose to peddle.

I think she was attractive then in her more natural days - but now she looks like anyone else whose had too much cosmetic surgery! It's not a good look IMO - but it's obviously given her the tabloid fame she wanted!
My bold. Your dislike (resentment?) of her is obvious in all you post but that statement is totally absurd.

I wouldn't credit many of the 'celebs' who do CBB with much intelligence
Ahh, the irony!

the difference in chest size in the pics are dramatic - they don't increase that much in your 20s unless some sort of procedure has been done to them
Dramatic? Err ... hardly. As for the second claim ... nonsense.

I don't know why would she Does she seriously expect any sane person to believe she suddenly sprouted these massive unrealistic looking boobs in adulthood!
She didn't. Try to look at the photographs properly.
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