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Why bother responding to attempt to put down my response when you can't?

Let's face it, your posts were motivated by a dislike or resentment so deep that you riddled them with fanciful claims presented as facts. I think you'll find that what I wrote was not nonsense at all but indeed a realistic response to these inaccurate generalisations you've made, hence that pointless reply to my post.
Let's face what which part of 'agree to disagree' do you not understand I didn't present anything as fact - they are my opinions hence they're under my username.

I can respond whichever way I like and I didn't see the point in dignifiying your unpleasant, inaccurate post which was to use your own words 'fanciful nonsense' imo! You're also attaching too much weight to your opinions! Hence you trying to insist your post is a 'realistic response' LOL.

There are some celebs whose beauty and talent I admire but Georgia is definitely not one of them! She is a fake z lister, doesn't imo have a talent - I don't count getting off with z listers/millionaires, courting media attention as talents, not very attractive and a very dull personality - sorry if you don't like those opinions and want to wrongly assume I'm motivated by 'resentment! ' They are just my opinions and it being a forum I'm entitled to air them - I'm not trying to force you to agree with them
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