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I notice that no-one has suggested that teenage girls be a little less easy.
Isn't that essentially the same thing these child rapists say when looking for an excuse for their crimes ?

"The girls were up for it ?"

Actually, you're not the first to say that - anyone who saw the 'Questiontime' that followed the conviction of the Rochdale gang (12/05/12 ?) would have heard Peter Oborne, who is amongst other things a Daily Telegraph commentator, say the following: -

"What was involved in this case ?..... One thing was the young girls who accepted the advances of these men... .and were happy to give up their affection and beauty to these men in exchange for a packet of crisps."

For some reason he escaped without anyone criticising him that night. He had an ulterior motive for those comments - he would not accept that this was a racist crime at all. So he did what many deniers of the truth do - deflect attention and blame the victims instead.

Reality check: - members of that gang were found guilty of repeatedly raping a 13 year old girl.


Not forgeting Silent Witness.

These 2 episodes were about par for a series that relied far too often on clichéd plot devices, too many coincidences, and in this case the 'simple giant with a heart' character.
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