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It was part of the recent series, but was dropped due to an ongoing trial at the time of intended broadcast.

Wondering whether the episode may have been re-edited slightly regarding Leo's series story arc?

Agree it was uncomfortable viewing at times.
I was wondering when they were going to show this two part episode and am glad they eventually did. While it was tough viewing I think these stories need to be told (as just one aspect of the bigger picture of abuse of this nature, by whatever race or gender of person being the focus). I think it was perhaps the best episode of the series.

Some friends of mine were wondering if this would make people naturally dislike or become prejudical towards Asian people (esp men) after this but any intelligent minded person knows that people of whatever skin colour/enthic background rapes and absues so this story is not one that would make anyone think that Asian men are the only people that rape young girls, and that it's not just girls, and white ones at that, that get raped. You be thick if you this episode was the only truth in our society.

Have to say I thought the girl that was formerly Lauren Branning in Eastenders was unrecognisable from soap to this, and I say that in a compliment to her playing of her part.
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