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Aren't you confusing fact and fiction here ?

What you are describing as 'worrying aspects' were those scenes portrayed in a work of fiction. How can you believe that because it takes place in a TV series, it translates directly to real life ?

Oborne was placing a large part of the blame onto the victims of these despicable, violent crimes. Please look at the crimes the Rochdale gang (and other similar gangs) were convicted of, and the ages of the victims. They used drugs and alcohol on these girls. Thankfully the law doesn't think Mr. P. Oborne has a point.
No, that's why I said the fictional depiction of the permissive nature of the girls was a gross exaggeration.
I just said IF the girls had behaved in that fashion in any of the real life cases, Osborne might have had a point.
I think the fictional depiction of the girls character in this production was worrying, and could leave people with the wrong impression..unless I'm very out of touch it didn't appear the normal behaviour of 14 year old school girls.
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