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No, that's why I said the fictional depiction of the permissive nature of the girls was a gross exaggeration.
I just said IF the girls had behaved in that fashion in any of the real life cases, Osborne might have had a point.
I think the fictional depiction of the girls character in this production was worrying, and could leave people with the wrong impression..unless I'm very out of touch it didn't appear the normal behaviour of 14 year old school girls.
OK - Understand it now.

I think the important thing is to differentiate between young girls acting above their age; going to clubs, having an older boyfriend etc. and these girls who are being groomed for forced prostitution. There could be aspects of their behaviour, as portrayed in the first episode, that would leave the door open for some to claim it was their own fault, but it's what is done to them next that is the crux of this.
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