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That's all true, and sadly I agree.
I wasn't victim-blaming, just saying that some of the scenes in the first episode might have reinforced the stereo type view some people may have of certain young girls today.
Your post does take me on to another point I was going to raise..our responsibility to be on the look-out for suspicious behaviour.
It was only fiction, but going back to that scene in the shopping mall. The girls in their school uniforms stood out like a sore thumb, going around with a couple of shady looking guys in their late twenties or early thirties. Would the shop staff be quite happy to help them with make-up, watch them parade around in skimpy dresses, for the entertainment of a couple of dodgy looking individuals like that ? As I say, only fiction..I would imagine ( and hope) that it would arouse suspicion in real life.
That is exactly what I thought , I doubt very much that a make-up assistant would indeed make-up 2 schoolgirls for free
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