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It's not the norm but it DOES happen. Of course it does. What do you expect when you're bombarding these girls with a society and media that tells them sex sells? That their worth comes from their sexuality and how good looking they are? That sex is 'cool' and if you're not doing it you're some sort of social outcast?

It's a pity but it's absolutely true. Combine that with, say, a strained relationship with a parent or lack of ambition/feeling like there's not much worth working for, and this sort of thing will happen. Too many teenage girls DO do things like take compromising pictures of themselves.

But that doesn't mean that you victim-blame. They're generally naive girls. It's a pity they didn't look after themselves better but the blame totally lies with those who took advantage.
agree. i think this storyline for sure was as much about showing the reality of some girls unwittingly ending up in such a situation as it was about bringing to our attention the sick 'grooming' problem that goes on.

i found the scenes interesting at the home of both the two girls being groomed. one girl had a mother who looked like she couldn't give a damn about her and the other mother just plain slapped her daughter. charming! also interesting that no fathers were to be seen in those two cases. the lack of love and affection shown towards these girls in their home life may well have a bearing on their behaviour and being flattered by such male attention..unaware of the aim of these sickos. it's a sad state of affairs...
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