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agree. i think this storyline for sure was as much about showing the reality of some girls unwittingly ending up in such a situation as it was about bringing to our attention the sick 'grooming' problem that goes on.

i found the scenes interesting at the home of both the two girls being groomed. one girl had a mother who looked like she couldn't give a damn about her and the other mother just plain slapped her daughter. charming! also interesting that no fathers were to be seen in those two cases. the lack of love and affection shown towards these girls in their home life may well have a bearing on their behaviour and being flattered by such male attention..unaware of the aim of these sickos. it's a sad state of affairs...
You're right; vulnerable girls like these are exactly the ones that gangs like the one depicted would target. I believe in the court case that caused the postponement of these episodes a number of the girls involved were in care.

I found the ending very depressing. I know the gang were arrested and their leader killed, but poor Shannon and Younis died and it was difficult to feel that the two "new girls" had much of a future, with their useless mothers. And even with the gang leader, his death seemed too brief a punishment. In some ways, I can't help feeling year after year in jail would have been harder, especially as he'd have been despised by his fellow prisoners.

I was a bit confused by the resolution with the girl in the suitcase. She died naturally, but was it her father who put her body in the suitcase. Why would he do that?
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