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They would need a ghost writer though, none of them can spell and they don't understand what commas and fullstops are for

Phil would be the best, he can write about how well he gets on with his neighbours, and how much he adores his wife, and how happy he is that his daughters are growing into independent young women with lives of their own.

I wouldn't worry about the first paragraph though - don't forget a former columnist was Kerry Katona and I'm pretty sure that I once read that she just phoned her thoughts in and those nice people at Closer (or was it New?) turned it into a column! See, the Chawns could easily have a column. Perhaps a TV review column as that seems to be their specialist subject - I doubt they could even say who the current prime minister is. Their thoughts on the soaps and ITV2 would be riveting!

I know plenty of people who far more complex heath issues than Phil, who hold down full time jobs. He's a malingering tool, and should be forced back to work. He lives a cushy lifestyle, watching TV, stalking celebs, posting crap on Facebook - and us taxpayers fund it all now
Maddening isn't it? Read this I found in The Sun (I know, but it's relevant IMO)

Now this poor lad is always going to have one leg, he can't do anything about that (and he lost it as a hero!) but according to them he doesn't need his living allowance yet throw benefits to the Chawners like confetti? They who by losing weight could improve many of their health problems no end?

The world has gone bloody mad

I have been watching the TV repeats and the more I see of them the more I dislike Sam, she screams at everyone, tells her mother how fat and lazy she is - while weighing 3 stone at least more than her, cries at everything, she simply gets on my nerves. At least Emma doesn't pretend she is trying to do anything. But as for Phil ........... I would so love to wipe that smirk off his face, if he started treating Audrey like a wife she might start acting like one. I won't bother watching any more because they just make me angry.
You're not alone! I feel exactly the same way, I can't believe I used to feel sorry for her and with hindsight think that we were led by Miss Kelly who seemed to be very soft on Sam but very hard on Audrey. She never even said much when Sam laid into her mother yet my jaw hit the floor!

Sam is exceptionally good at feeling sorry for herself and has bursting into tears down to an art! She's sussed out somewhere down the line that crying got attention and it might have done once but let's face it, if one of our kids habitually burst into tears for the slightest thing you wouldn't take her/him totally seriously every single time would you? It would be 'oh God, she's off again!' which is what Aud and Emma are like with her now, Phil not so much, likes his cuddles does Phil.

Phil's tantrums about the boyfriend were hilarious! Boy does that man have problems. Very telling that Sam seemed to think that she'd be cut off just because she had a boyfriend isn't it? (Wonder where she got that idea *cough* Christopher!) Aud was OK with it and actually looked a bit pleased when she passed the phone to Phil with his photo on but Phil? Nah. Jealous as hell. That man is either incredibly damaged himself or incredibly sick in the head.
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