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There are some celebs whose beauty and talent I admire but Georgia is definitely not one of them! She is a fake z lister, doesn't imo have a talent - I don't count getting off with z listers/millionaires, courting media attention as talents, not very attractive and a very dull personality - sorry if you don't like those opinions and want to wrongly assume I'm motivated by 'resentment! ' They are just my opinions and it being a forum I'm entitled to air them - I'm not trying to force you to agree with them
I Disagree with Georgia having no talent example: But there are always going to be people who don't like her either because of her personality or her looks.

Imo Georgia's fhm's number one, but some people prefer Britney or Tulisa or Danni or the lovely Nadine. A woman that one person thinks is hot, could be seen as hideous by another person. Any FM can express their view on Georgia, just because Topaz doesn't think Georgia's lovely it doesn't mean he/she is wrong. It's their opinion.
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