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[quote=sunrisegirl;60396992]17 to be correct, do your research.

11million 4million 2million

Haha. Sorry, added wrong. 17 million. With very little promotion (except the audition, which was free), so Subo is very cheap to produce and profitable for Sony and it also means that she probably did realize $16-$17 million just from CDs alone, plus performance fees, plus the profits from her touring hit musical, of which she's co-producer and from her autobio, which was a London Times bestseller. Her publisher has asked for a sequel.

As to her finances, her investment plan was set up by Ossie Kilkenny (U-2's original business mgr) and is being followed by Susan and Andy Stephens, who are co-directors of her 2 corporations. The object, as for all investments plans, is to shelter as much of her wealth as possible from taxes. Susan's bank account is also helped by the fact that she still lives in her little village in Scotland and and has fun and travels but not in the usual flashy celebrity way.
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