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I'm curious but why do you go on message boards? You appear to have less than zero interest in anyone but yourself so what do you get out of it?
The tone in this particular thread was established by your accusatory posting. You’ve no-one but yourself to blame for the way it’s gone. I’m more than happy to engage in debate, serious or jocular with people who don’t see their every post as an opportunity to attack or pick holes in others messages.

If you’re that keen on verification and unwilling to do the work yourself I suggest you employ a factchecker in future as it seems of vital importance to you that posts on a telly forum on t’internet come with footnotes.

Oh, and FYI - Spiral 4 not released on DVD on July 23rd 2012. As I said it wouldn’t be.

The Engrenages Facebook page has just posted:

'SPIRAL season 4 will be broadcasted in september in France on CANAL+, and few weeks after on BBC 4!'
That would mean BBC4 running Spiral alongside Mentalbaldo (airing until the end of November, God help us....). It seems unlikely as they’ve shown they want to spread their first-run imports out one at a time. Borgen 2 is promised for Wintertime so depending on how they define that date-wise they could be looking to squeeze Spiral in after IM and before Borgen. I personally wouldn’t mind them twinning up the imports as you couldn’t pay me to watch Montalbano but with BBC4 ever more cash-strapped it would be unusual for them to double-up in this way.
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