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I've met quite a few celebrities and fortunately they have all been lovely:

Bruce Dickinson - did his Flight 666 simulator trip. Really down to earth and a complete gentleman.
America Ferrera - absolutely lovely, and very, very tiny.
John Barrowman - really lovely and took time to sign autographs and pose for photos.
Adam Garcia - really lovely.
Peter Egan and Robert Daws - met them after a play, were really fun.
Darius Campbell - a really nice person.
David Suchet - just like Poirot, an absolute gentleman.
Marshall Lancaster - very quiet, but lovely.
Dame Judi Dench - sooo patient with everyone, again so tiny in real life.
The whole cast of Mrs Brown - met them at BBC Scotland after a show recording. They are so brilliant and posed with everyone for photos, plenty of kisses and cuddles. They are so down to earth.
Nick Knowles - very down to earth, hates stuck up "stars".

As I say I have been very lucky, a friend however has met a few "horrors".

Michael Crawford - lovely when he was doing Barnum, since then has got a very up himself.
Lesley Joseph - nightmare.
Cliff Richard - awful.
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