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Years ago I met John Cleese during a work function. He was really rude and totally up his own a*se. Only wanted to talk to the "top people" and actually turned his back on me when I said hello. I wasn't being star-struck, but my job was PA to the Director, so I was greeting him as I would anyone else. Really obnoxious man.

Met Frankie Goes to Hollywood at the height of their Fame - just after Relax and Two Tribes had been number one. They came to my school after our class invited them in to do an interview for our school magazine (we found out what hotel they were staying in and contacted them). They were great, answered all our questions and had photos taken with all of us. They were only in the area for a couple of days, but happily gave up a couple of hours for us. The only one who didn't come was Holly Johnson who was hungover apparently!

I also met Joey Barton as he was getting on the team coach after a match. Even though they'd lost, he got out and signed autographs when the fans (of the team who beat them!) called his name. He had a photo taken with my son, so I'm a fan now - despite the reputation!
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