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Gutted that the Chawners won't be in Closer

I must say, going back to episodes, I think it was the one in the CLC, no 4, where Sam is weighing everyone in the caravan/mobile home thing. That SMIRK on her face when she goes to weigh everyone, the holier than thou 'Wotcha gonna do abaht that then?' to Aud after she stayed the same weight (and everyone else gained, hehm). I adored it when it turned out she'd gained a stone, that wiped the smug self-satisfaction off her little face.

I also love how jealous they all are after Aud stays the same and they gain after 'all the walkin'. Demanding 'WHATCHOO BIN DOIN'. It winds me up to watch it but I just can't get enough I love them all!
I can't say I love them, they attract and repell me at the same time. If I put the Tv on and they're on, I have to watch it, even though they annoy me, it's like a compulsion. A bad one.
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