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Celebrities I've met who were absolutely lovely too me:

Marcia Cross (Bree from Desperate Housewives) - She's so classy in real life it's unreal. She's actually like Bree. She was lovely and told me I have lovely skin. Absolute sweetheart and was chatting to us for over an hour.

Nicole Scherzinger - She's classy and fabulous and told me I could be an honnorary doll.

Anastacia - Glasgow X Factor auditions. Her car was about to drive off and she made the driver stop so she could get in photo's with us.

Samantha Brick - People think she's horrid because of her article, she was so warm to me. Explained the whole thing to me and I agree with her. But she made us all feel warm and welcome and she even bought us a cup of coffee.

Deana off Big Brother - Again, classy and fabulous. She told us about how she was bullied at school and she stood up for herself. So lovely, I'd love to meet her again. Got such an amazing energy off her.

Nasty Celebs I've met:

Conor off Big Brother - Walked passed us all and told a fan he won't get a picture with her because she said Deana was sweet and that he has 50k so he's too good for it.

Dawn Fresh - Oh, what an absolute monster.

JLS - 'We haven't got the time for you, we're going for dinner.'

Jacquie McQueen off Hollyoaks - Don't know her name in real life and I don't want to. Said hello to her and she gave me a dirty look. So I said back 'Eee, why've you got a face like a smacked arse?!' and she didn't know what to say.
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