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Love this film. Easily in my top 5. Have read the book since and although there are huge changes the film stands out on its own.

The SFX still look great today. The balance of CGI and real effects is well done. Still get goosebumps when I see the water ripple.
I agree with your comment about the special effects.
Some people are saying that the effects still hold up today. I say that's underselling them as I think they're superior to most effects today as they appear to blend in rather naturally.

The raptors in the kitchen scene is one of the best uses of special effects I've ever seen in any film.
Probably one of the most memorable set piece scenes in recent film history.

The film itself? Pretty good. I've seen many films I'd say were much better. But as entertainment fare it's a good watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

It's the set pieces and the way in which special effects are used though which I think raise this film far above most of the special effects action films of even today.
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