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Saw this today and actually enjoyed it far more than I expected.It didn't clash in my mind with the Arnie version at all even though there were numerous nods to that film throughout. I loved the look of the film although I expected the UK scenes to be the rainy ones rather than the Colony, was that an injoke by chance? The Fall would be very handy to have in reality. Proper commuter travel.

Colin Farrell was fine in the lead whilst Jessica Biel didn't really make that much of an impression to be honest. Kate Beckinsale played her part like a thing posessed with her dogged pursuit and her seeming indestructability. Nothing like a scorned woman to hold a grudge.

Nowhere near to being a classic, but an enjoyable way to waste a couple of hours all told.
I'd be interested to hear if there were there any bad guys like the memorable villains Vilos Cohaagen and Richter (magnificently played by Ronny Cox and Michael Ironside respectively) from the 1990 original film?

Interestingly, the critics are giving this film relatively poor reviews, e.g. 2/5, but it seems to be more highly appreciated by ordinary cinema goers.
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