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ANY and I mean ANY toothpaste advert, whether it's Colgate with its made up "sciency" bits and the git at the shopping centre, or Sensodyne with its fake dentists and stupid girl who has an aversion to fruit juice, they have surpassed Gocompare in terms of annoyingness, and repetitiveness for that matter.*

And on that note, any advert that shows those unproven, fake diagrams of what it does, colgate and Gillette mainly, such as colgats's "pro argon" crap, or Gllette "water-activated gel". Who falls for this poop?
But also Listerine does the same, as well as dettol and the various toilet cleaners, infact I hate them even more because they keep saying 99.9% I HATE IT!

Postcode lottery. What a scam. Who falls for that, too! Probably the people who buy Colgate toothpaste after believing the diagrams.

The music in the new fiat 500 ad is mildly annoying , too.
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