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I really hate a current one for what is probably deodorant (I can't watch it all the way through) which goes on about getting more beautiful underarms (when did they stop being armpits? And when did it become important for them to be beautiful??) and a stupid voiceover about 'toga tops and yoga tops' being tops that you can wear once you have these beautiful underarms. I have never heard of anyone who refers to either toga tops or yoga tops, they were clearly only chosen because they rhyme, and it's just ANNOYING. Grr.
What about va va voom tops? :P I agree with you though, that ad is so annoying!

I've also gotta vote for the Colgate one with the dozy up-herself woman proud like a schoolgirl she has blood on her floss. "oh, not me! I could never have gum disease, I'm too important!" Who in their right mind would think blood is a *good* sign?! Stupid mare. And don't get me started on the bloke/sheep sat next to her who whimpers "me too" along with her... Sheesh what a tool!
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