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I'm wondering if the process of plotting the "big changes" has given MC more confidence that they can keep the show fresh and interesting, without the DM-LG romance story line. So that lets him at least consider the idea of a S7.

One possibility of a really big change is that they start the season several years further on -- show them married, JH about 4, another child or two, living at the farm (I know, I'm the only one who thinks that will ever happen!), I do also worry about any big changes involving LG, or should we say, LGE.
An interesting possibility. My only objection is I sort of want to see a moment of real touching romance between Martin and Louisa and I fear without a wedding, I will see a comfortably married couple, juggling family and careers, but no passion.

I could see them at the farm too. But where would Aunt Ruth live?

PoorRichard, thank you for the brilliant analysis. When I read your thoughts on Elaine, she is much more tolerable. But when I see her onscreen, watch her behavior, I am totally turned off. She doesn't seem to have any of the redeeming traits of either Pauline or Morwenna. We see intelligence and kindness in both of them. Elaine, not so much.
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