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in reply to Statesidefan, it seems to me that PB has created, with MC, a structure in which he can really flourish. More power to her! If keeping him off the hard stuff is the price to pay for that, I don't think he seriously complains BTW, he did also mention in another interview that they have wine with dinner "every other night."
This conversation goes to my previous curiosity about how much PB "manages" Martin - or not - in both their professional and private life outside DM. Now the rule about the wine every other night. Obviously, whatever she's doing or whatever pacts they've made together are working for MC - just hate to see such a free spirit managed in a way that it negatively impacts his creativity (type of work he takes on and his acting choices in how he does it.) And don't take this as an ode to Martin getting sloshed. I just find some of these tidbits - coupled with the evidence of his character's changes in the show - very interesting. It's clear to me that MC is heavily influenced by what his wife thinks, if not overtly managed by her privately and professionally.
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