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An interesting possibility. My only objection is I sort of want to see a moment of real touching romance between Martin and Louisa and I fear without a wedding, I will see a comfortably married couple, juggling family and careers, but no passion.

I could see them at the farm too. But where would Aunt Ruth live?

PoorRichard, thank you for the brilliant analysis. When I read your thoughts on Elaine, she is much more tolerable. But when I see her onscreen, watch her behavior, I am totally turned off. She doesn't seem to have any of the redeeming traits of either Pauline or Morwenna. We see intelligence and kindness in both of them. Elaine, not so much.

The character of Elaine was introduced to highlight, I believe, the difference DM has to experience in his life change from top London surgeon to Cornish backwater GP - the sort of support staff he is expected to manage his practice etc. He is used to being ' Top Dog ' but Elaine sees their roles more as a partnership...until The Doc puts her straight...but, ultimately, she has the last laugh, returning briefly, on HER terms...

And Our Doc learns a valuable lesson that would/should stand him in good not mess with Cornish women...

Steep learning curve...Series Six coming up and he's still on it

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