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That dynamic between Ruth and Al that's built up through S5, I've wondered where it's going. But on the whole I think things will not take off in that direction. So that got me wondering about Ruth and Bert (also a 15 year age difference or so). Bert's character being what it is, I think he would just not hold very much interest for a woman like Ruth.
Thanks for your great analysis of ep 2, I will respond when I can get to the computer rather than the mobile phone.

I hate the thought that there has to be some sexual relationship/innuendo between AL and AR. AR needs help, sees untapped intelligent potential in AL and tries to help him in return. I hope she helps with the restaurant and it is a success.

I can't see an intelligent woman who looks after herself ever going for BL. I am afraid he's not sexy or intelligent enough. They may come to a mutual understanding over the need for AL to have some control over his life but I hope that's about it.

The only relationship I can see for BL is with a gym instructor who reforms him and saves his life.
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