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PoorRichard, thank you for the brilliant analysis. When I read your thoughts on Elaine, she is much more tolerable. But when I see her onscreen, watch her behavior, I am totally turned off. She doesn't seem to have any of the redeeming traits of either Pauline or Morwenna. We see intelligence and kindness in both of them. Elaine, not so much.
These are exactly my thoughts.
I hated Elaine first time around but this time i see the humour in the situation more. Not sure if it is because i know she's temporary or not.. I am wondering if Elaine's character wears thin quickly and I will hate her again by the end of ep 3.

I remember being very glad Lucy Punch didn't stay for s2. I think the writers would have had to modify her character a bit if she had stayed don't you?
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