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Sorry of I've been missed but you'll never guess what happened!

There I was, driving my open sided lorry through Blackburn (as you do) and I came across a beached whale pod! No amount of honking would shift them, I've been on to Greenpeace and they're on their way, phew.

And how many of us actually flicked through Closer in our local paper shops this week without buying?!! I have to admit, I was so embarrassed that I hid mine in a copy of Razzle.
I did, and will be scanning it cover to cover tomorrow: But dont worry, it's the only shop in the village and is the centre of all gossip and rumours. So the Chawners would be way down the list of interesting things when you've got Mrs X having an affair with someone young enough to be her son . Not to mention all sorts of titbits. You never go to the shop unless you've got at least half an hour to gossip.

Will let you all know tomorrow lunchtime, if you can hang on that long.
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